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August 12, 2012


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Came back from Japan! recap!

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 12, 2012, 7:30 AM
im sorry i didn't formally inform of my 3 week absence to japan FFFFFFFF before i knew it i was on the plane and everyday in japan, i had NO TIME whatsoever to check dA. im going to go reply and check notes in the next couple of days so i am so sorry for not doing so in the last 3 weeks ;u;

SOYES, i went to japan for the last 3 weeks, got back 2 days ago. every year i go back to japan due to divorce agreements as most of my followers know, and this time :iconslowparentscrossing: came with me because she also loves japan and wanted to spend time there too. so here's a possibly super long ass recap of the last awesome 3 weeks summarized by me and SlowParentsCrossing

godzilla23: so first mei (SlowParentsCrossing) came from NY to here, Canada. then we did the 15 hour time warp airplane journey over to Japan. our plan was 1 week in tokyo, and 2 weeks in my hometown, Fukuoka. We went to SO MANY places in Tokyo everyday it was crazy, but so fun. we stayed in a hotel in Ikebukuro, yes the town of DURARARA. HEHEHE. we went to harajuku like every other day because ohmygod that town is beautiful and so fitting for us. we'll talk about Harajuku later, let's first start with the two towers we went to.....

SlowParentsCrossing: It was so much fun omg... It's such a beautiful tower :heart: No wonder why it's the symbol of Tokyo~~
we also got to WALK DOWNN IT. it was quite the sight to see :>
godzilla23: tokyo tower is personally my favorite tower in the world. and yeah we walked down it yeah HAHAHA by stairs. it was pretty fun cuz i was eating the whole way down.

godzilla23: we jumped everywhere. thats in tokyo tower. OK NEXT IS...

godzilla23: the tallest tower in the world now, TOKYO SKY TREEE~~~ the pictures makes it look so small but holyshit it was HUGE. i love the design omg

godzilla23: thats the view from the top. HOLYSHITTTTTTTTTTTTTt
SlowParentsCrossing: I found out it was the tallest tower in the world AFTER we left. nbd
But the view was almost un-real....

godzilla23: we jumped in this tower too.
SlowParentsCrossing: yes. / How does one make attractive faces while jumping idek

godzilla23: one of the other awesome places we went to was odaiba. its the i guess you could call it, the high tech city. it's on an islandish place connected to the rainbow bridge. we went on the odaiba ferris wheel too!!! HEHEHE it was HUGE and we sung opera in it and shook the thing like mad. ...SEXY TIME

SlowParentsCrossing: I think we should have gotten arrested for disturbing the peace in the ferris wheel omg
odiaba was just TOO MUCH FOR WORDS. I think it was one of my favorite days :> The sounds of our opera still resonates throughout my mind omg......

godzilla23: in odaiba theres the..little NY.

godzilla23: creepy ass extraterrestrial space ship.


godzilla23: and we rode the ferry back to mainland from odaiba~

godzilla23: to odaiba we went with my mom's friend, Ken-chan. my mom's the one with her fingers up her nose there and Ken-chan is the dashful looking handsome man right there. HAHAHAHA. he was SO FUN. he took all our jumping pictures up there cuz he's also a photographer but his main job is a 3D artist. we still miss him srsly he was too beautiful for us. omg.... he was the most childish adult i've ever hanged out with.
SlowParentsCrossing: there is no day that I go by and miss KENCHANNNNNNNNNNN he was the best omgg.. There will come a day where will take sexy pictures together again. :heart:

SlowParentsCrossing: mei x ken-chan = otp.. so.. he bet me that  I couldn't put 100 yen up my nose.... I got to keep the 100 yen. next time I'll be shooting to put 500 yen in my nose

godzilla23: SOYES HARAJUKUUUUUKUUUUKUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ahh best town. we be badass. i dyed my hair in harajuku, it used to be all black and now it has purple dip dye~

godzilla23: the ppl in the salon were SO NICE. it took from 4pm to 9:30 pm to do my hair....and this was around 9pm and we were all being high over the longness of my hair so we had fun and 4 stylists came to dry my hair for fun HAHAHA they said it was the first time this happened omg it was too fun

godzilla23: ANYWAYS harajuku is such an artistic city as u can see.
SlowParentsCrossing: As Sara said Harajuku was an AMAZING place. The people, the fashion, the atmosphere was so inspiring. Maybe that's why we went like 4873 times ok

godzilla23:  we also went to Tokyo Designer Gakuin's open campus and i drew hatena there LOLOLO

godzilla23: OK time for fukuoka recap nao.

yes, 35 C everyday fukuoka with heat waves.
yes. one of the highlights was the firework festival that we went with our yukatas on to~

godzilla23: i go every year to this super ass huge firework festival that 45 000 ppl came to this year. u can see some pictures from the site here:…
SlowParentsCrossing: If you guys ever get the chance to go to japan, GO SEE FIRWORKS. They were so breath-taking... Seeing everyone in their unique yukatas/ hair styles was also really neat :> I think I might have looked at the people walking by more than the firworks OOPS

SlowParentsCrossing: SO the lady who did Sara's hair put.. 30+ pins in her hair omg.. What would she ever do without me :heart:

SlowParentsCrossing: ketchup
okay so this was the first time i've been to the ocean!! I was literally running all over the place like a little kid. It was such a good day <3 Sara and her friend followed me around like paparazi.. Japanese beaches <3
godzilla23: ya we found ketchup on the beach.
and here's some beautiful skies we saw that day..

godzilla23: ok, we also went to Mt. Aso. it's the largest active volcano in japan and its 3 hours from Fukuoka. no wait, WE CLIMBED THE MOUNTAINS AROUND IT.

godzilla23:  as u can see... we were ABOVE clouds. yes we saw clouds right beside us...
SlowParentsCrossing: cloud nine/ sky high/ mile high club. We almost got blown off the cliffs by the wind nbd BUT IT WAS SO FUNNNNNNNNNNNNN

SlowParentsCrossing: SOOO we also went to a sunflower field! It was really an ADVENTURE GETTING THERE
So: this old farmer lady came up to Sara and I and chastised us for not wearing hats, and gave us her water bottle.. Then she drove us in her two seater truck to the field... SHE WAS TOO CUTEEE. Then on our legit TREK back we stopped to rest on the side of the road, and this man came out of his house and asked us if we were okay. We said that we went to the sunflower field and that we were resting a bit. Then he went back inside his house, and before we got up to leave he came out and GAVE US ICE CREAM
bless nice country people.
Sara knows of my deep love for sunflowers, and I'm so greateful that she took me there.

godzilla23:  we make it sound as if we went to a tourist spot everyday omg. we really didn't. we spent everyday like a civilan..LMFAO cuz i knew the city of fukuoka very well.

godzilla23:  like we did butt massages

godzilla23: went to karaoke like 112712789 times.

godzilla23:  got our caricature done by the artist i go to every year to get caricatures done...yes

godzilla23:  and mei spoiled one of the latest naruto chapters for me and my reaction was...

SlowParentsCrossing:  SO RECAP OVER :iconclappingplz: I had a unforgettable time in Japan.. There's so much more to Japan than it's tourist spots, and pop culture. I recommend, if you do get the opportunity to go to Japan, get lost, don't be afraid to get dirty with climbing mountains and hiking, do everything you can. Stay away from parks at night and drunk men. And also go with a friend, a best friend.

godzilla23: omgyes, the drunken man at night. on our last night in Japan we went out walking, me in boxers mei in US army clothes, at 11 PM. we walked around downtown everywhere until 2:30 AM. on our walk we gave conbinis all our money, mei harassed dogs, we ran and ran and ran, and we got harassed by drunken man. Japan was really fun this year again, every year is fun. and it's hard to belive that this year is the last year i have to go back to Canada. next summer i would've just graduated highschool and when i go to Japan, i'm not coming back to Canada. i shall write a long ass reflection on tumblr some time soon. but yes, Japan's a very very special place to me and summer also.

when we got back to Canada the first thing we saw was yes..CANADIAN CLOUDSS. wahh i missed them for 3 weeks.

and we went out to dinner and i drew on the table cloth yey

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NoranFikri Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really LMAO at some parts
I'm really glad you had fun! :glomp:
Rayame Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Although you don't know me at all and it's kinda creepy replying to such a post without knowing a person, I just have to say that your post really made my day :D Tomorrow starts my last year of school and your post somehow motivated me :) The power of the internet :D
BlackLucke Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's so awesome~!

Iwannagotoikebukuroomg :iconpapcryplz:
MissFlames Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Student General Artist
oh, so many beautiful and interesting places, so lucky you were*^*!

it seemes like 100000000 fun!*^*!
ahahha, so envious...xD

wlecome back:)
xEllyshadow Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Student General Artist
You lucky butts c:
Kitsko Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Hobbyist
I'm so glad you had lots of fun~
But you're right, tourist spots on a country aren't all, most of them aren't even as beautiful as other places tourists don't know about (like mountains, lakes, sunflower fields in your case ouo).

I hope to visit Japan one day, the countryside seems so beautiful.
godzilla23 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
<33333 indeed >u<
TGA-Tsurugi Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
My goodness, it looks like you two had so much fun!! I want to go to Japan so badly. >.< It's just a matter of it actually HAPPENING D:

But I just got back from a trip to NYC! Hahaha I'm probably gonna do a similar little journal update like this. :'D Gaah well I'm glad you had a good time!
godzilla23 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WAHHH just read ur journal <3 so lovely >w<
TGA-Tsurugi Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
D'AWW :glomp: D: You're so nice and awesome.
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